The Ultra Countertops Commitment

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to your success lies in the fact that we remove all barriers by bringing custom fabricated products directly from the worldwide partnered-factories to your door. From design conception to final installation, we will partner with you to ensure your project is completed in accordance with your design specifications. Our industry-best pricing program is geared toward maximizing cost efficiencies in various areas of countertop needs.

Whether it is a large-scale commercial project or your dream-come true home project, we will work with you from custom onsite designing to the final installation to ensure timely completion of your project. Countertop materials and colors really set the décor tone for your kitchen and/or bathrooms. Many colors, patterns and materials are available to choose from — each with its own special qualities. You may select a particular material and color because you've fallen in love with its look; or your decision may be based on price alone. When selecting counter material, consider maintenance and durability. Also, consider how the sink(s) will be mounted — on top of the finished counter, flush, or from underneath.

Choices in manufactured countertop materials with the look but not the higher maintenance requirements of natural stone are expanding every day. New surfaces are made from chemical compounds and are designed to mimic granite, limestone, marble, slate, or soapstone. In some cases, bits of natural material, such as quartz, are also part of the mix. Most of these countertops don't need periodic sealing, and scratches are relatively easy to sand out. If you want to maintain a pristine surface, these materials are worth a look. Note: The following products should be installed by professionals; cost ranges include installation.